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“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think, we become.”  Buddha

Recently, I celebrated the eighth anniversary of my 100 pound weight loss.  When I reflect upon my life prior to losing the weight, I often marvel at how a simple, gentle thought led to a series of small steps that resulted in a life-changing journey.  You see, when I was 37 years old, I started thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I lost 100 pounds by the time I turn 40?”  Honestly, in the beginning, I didn’t necessarily believe I could accomplish this feat.  I had been overweight my entire life and riding the dieting rollercoaster since I was a teenager.  Previously, I’d had all kinds of big, brash thoughts about crash dieting my way to a thinner body so I’d look good.  My new motivation was a desire to remain healthy as I got older.  Initially, the idea would tenderly slip into my consciousness.   I’d mull it around and let it sit there for awhile as if we had just met and were getting to know each other.  Because the thought was so kind and caring, it didn’t stir up the negative voices in my head that would have caused me to dismiss or resist it.  Like most overweight people, I had spent my entire life living in my head admonishing myself for every morsel that traversed my lips.  Instead, my new idea gingerly softened my mind and opened it up to the possibilities of slowly changing my life. 

My thought remained clandestine between my mind and spirit until eventually my body became engaged.  Instead of sharing it with anyone, I opted to shelter it allowing it to slowly seep into my consciousness and take root.  I wasn’t obsessed with it.  It just occasionally gently floated to the surface of my mind.  As I was getting used to my idea, I lovingly cultivated it as if it were a fragile seed that had just been nestled in the earth.  When it would slip into my awareness, I could feel the expression on my face soften into wonder.  I didn’t experience any anxiety about losing the weight because there were no strings attached to the thought.  I didn’t have a clear vision of where I was going but suspected an inkling of a dream was beginning to take root.   A sense of peacefulness descended upon me, and I felt like I was floating down a river carried by the essence of my new thoughts.     

As a result of my new thinking, I pondered making some small changes in my lifestyle.  Since I was primarily consuming junk food, I started considering healthier options though I never forbade myself from eating the junk.  I categorized my options as good, better, or best knowing that I could choose any of them and be okay with my choice.  My choices improved and gradually there was less room for the unhealthy stuff.  Simultaneously, I felt better and had more energy, which encouraged me to continue down my newly tilled path.  Initially, it felt weird eating healthy food; but the positive effects were undeniable.  I also incorporated a little more activity into my routine by parking further from my destination and opting to take the stairs instead of the elevator sometimes.  Eventually, I realized that I had started to think of myself as a healthy person and was becoming the result of my thoughts. 

The culmination of the positive energy created by my thoughts combined with the results of my small steps strengthened my conviction that my goal was attainable.  I started thinking, “Hey, maybe I really can do this” and could feel a knowing smile spread across my face.  The roots of my idea expanded in my mind and became anchored to my spirit.   I naturally chose to incorporate more healthy activities into my life.  I was very self-conscious when I started walking and did not walk very far, but taking those steps flamed the spark that had been lit by one simple thought.  I was becoming what I was thinking.  My weight slowly diminished strengthening my belief that I could lose 100 pounds by the time I turned 40.  Amazingly, when I stepped on the scale on my 40th birthday, I had lost exactly 100 pounds.    

I invite you to contemplate the power of your thoughts.  No matter what your dream is or how big it is, you can accomplish it.  Be kind to yourself no matter where you are on your life’s journey.  Recognize a desire to change as a tiny spark that can be flamed by your thoughts.  By taking some small steps, you will advance in the direction of your dream and your vision will become clearer. Inevitably, you will become what you think.  In addition, I invite you to tell your friends and sign up for weekly e-mail updates to get informed and inspired to Be Light and Healthy.  When you sign up, you will receive an e-mail requesting you confirm your subscription.  After you confirm, you will begin receiving weekly updates.  

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