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Listen To Your Heart

Posted on: February 13, 2011

“The Heart knows, the Thought denies, is there no other way?”  Stephen Sondheim

As Valentine’s Day approaches, thoughts of hearts, romance, and chocolate fill our heads.  Valentine’s Day provides a respite from the dark days of winter and brings us some lightness and joy as we await spring’s arrival.  Everywhere we look hearts symbolizing love and passion abound.  The heart is the major energy center of the body from which the life force flows to the entire body and where creativity and joy emerge.  Like the breath, the heart connects the spirit to the physical body.  

The soul and the essence of life are represented by the heart.  Its healing energy is powerful and encompasses profound wisdom disseminated to us via our intuitions.  Prior to modern times, our ancestors relied upon their instincts for their survival.  They lived in synchronicity with the rhythms of the universe and their own internal rhythms.  Their senses and intuitions were sharp and trusted.  Most of civilization has evolved into a mind-centered existence that resides in the realm of logic and scientific proof.  Humanity’s focus on the mind has weakened our connections to our heart energy.  Is it more than a coincidence that heart disease is the number one cause of death in our country?  

Many of us begin to erect walls around our hearts to protect us in childhood when our uniqueness is not embraced and cultivated.  Feeling like we don’t fit in and sensing that something is just not right, we are unable to understand and convey our bewilderment to the adults around us.  Parents with good intentions try their best and guide us to the path of conformity unknowingly extinguishing the spark of individuality we are each born with.   In our later years we may look upon these childhood experiences as gifts and express gratitude for them.  However, as children, we are not equipped to process these uncomfortable feelings and turn to whatever means of solace is available.  From a young age food is an easily accessible substitute for the comfort and validation we are craving.   

As we grow older and are subjected to life’s trials and tribulations, we reinforce the fortress around our hearts.  We become numb and trudge through each day slowly marching to our demise without feeling anything.  When we close our hearts as a means of defense, it also prevents us from absorbing the beauty, love, and joy that surround us.  Many people are going through the motions of life with a gnawing emptiness.  They mistakenly attempt to fill the holes in their hearts by filling their stomachs.  When the heart is yearning to be full, no amount of food will seal the gaping hole.  If anything, the hole expands and becomes a chasm capable of consuming our essence. 

When on the brink of turning to food to dull the ache and provide comfort, taking a moment to consider what would truly fill the void can lead us to the missing piece of the puzzle.  The heart gently beckons us to our life’s purpose, which sometimes does not appear logical.  The urgings of the heart can be recognized by the kindness and compassion we feel when we allow them to flow.  In an attempt to resist the heart’s guidance, the mind becomes engaged and mounts its defense.  The mind is comfortable and perfectly content to live out its days in a mundane existence.  In contrast to the loving energy of the heart, the mind can act like a bully hurling demeaning insults meant to deaden the guidance from our hearts and leave us with a sense of hopelessness. 

It takes courage to open our hearts and expose ourselves to life’s vulnerabilities because entering the abyss and feeling the pain is uncomfortable.  Food may momentarily dull the aching and soothe us; but inevitably, the cruel voices of the mind are unleashed as they punish us for our indiscretions.  If we acknowledge the feeling and tolerate the discomfort, the pain will pass through us and be released.  It is possible to feel the pain without absorbing it.

Our hearts retain the knowledge of the magnificence of our souls and the universal spirit of life.  The faint stirrings of the heart can easily be drowned out by our negative thoughts or the opinions of well-intentioned people in our lives.  Though our heads have their own agendas, our hearts are connected to our true essence.  If we are still, we can sense the desires of our souls by feeling the messages from our hearts.  Those faint inklings are callings to a new direction or experience and are showing us the way back to the unlimited potential we were born with.  When we are on the right path, we know because we are filled with a sense of joy and serenity.

I invite you to acknowledge the yearnings of your heart.  Quiet the thoughts in your head by focusing on your breath and concentrating on the energy surrounding your heart.  Remain open to any impressions or feelings that surface.  If your impressions seem illogical, consider taking some small steps in the direction your heart is leading you.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find yourself on a whole new path to your authentic self.  In addition, I invite you to tell your friends and sign up for weekly e-mail updates to get informed and inspired to Be Light and Healthy.  When you sign up, you will receive an e-mail requesting you confirm your subscription.  After you confirm, you will begin receiving weekly updates.


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