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Are you listening to your body or the “experts?”

Posted on: September 5, 2010

“Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do.”  Benjamin Spock

When I decided that I was going to try to lose weight, I had very little knowledge of nutrition.  Eating three meals a day and not snacking seemed like a good strategy so that’s how I proceeded.  Nutritionally, I had pretty much hit rock bottom so there was no place to go but up.  Without a doubt, my choices slowly improved, and I began losing weight.  I’d opt for a bagel and cream cheese instead of a hot fudge sundae for supper – not the best choice but certainly an improvement in my mind.  Psychologically, I was in a good place.  I was making better choices, experimenting with healthier foods, not snacking, and slowly losing weight.  When I did choose to eat something like a muffin, I enjoyed and savored every morsel.  Spurred on by my success, I started paying attention and absorbing the glut of so-called nutritional information the American public is subjected to.  I remember one “diet” book cautioning readers not to eat too much fruit.  In my case I don’t think eating too many apples would have been possible, especially since they were replacing donuts and muffins.  There was so much information available and much of it was conflicting.  I didn’t know what to believe, and I didn’t trust myself so I was looking for outside “experts” to tell me the best way to eat. 

Though I continued to lose weight, I became obsessed with researching foods and trying to figure out exactly what I should be eating.  I read numerous “diet” books written by “experts”.  Because I was living in my head, I never even considered paying attention to the affect food had on my body and trusting that my body knew what best nourished her. 

My education at Institute for Integrative Nutrition has helped to resolve my mental confusion.  I’ve learned that if I trust myself and pay attention, I will know what foods energize me and keep me healthy.  There are so many different factors that come into play when determining how best to nourish your body.  Each person is different and what works for one person will not work for another.  In addition, what works for you today may not work tomorrow.  Ultimately, you are the expert on your body.      

Honestly, it’s been challenging to forget all the “rules” I’ve absorbed over the years.  I’m still a work in progress, but every day I gain a deeper trust in my body and what she needs.  If I’m willing to pay attention, I know that all the answers truly are within. 

I invite you to forget all the “expert” information you’ve learned about nutrition and focus on what your body is telling you.  After you eat, check in with yourself immediately and a few hours later to determine what your body is feeling.  In addition, I invite you to e-mail me at with any questions or topic suggestions and sign up for e-mail updates to my blog to get informed and inspired to Be Light and Healthy.


1 Response to "Are you listening to your body or the “experts?”"

So true about bioindividuality..thanks for the great advice!

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